Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day fun

I have been looking forward to Sweet getting to an age where she has friends with whom to exchange valentines. She's finally in preschool, so each of her eight special classmates received a handmade, hand decorated valentine from my girl. She put a lot of thought into which button to give to each of her friends, and which colors to use for their names. We had a blast working on it one afternoon, and she was excited to distribute them during her party at school.

I also love hearts, for some reason. So I've been excited to make some cute Valentine duds for the girls. Here's what I cranked out this week!

Sweet's shirt is just a hand-me-down plain pink shirt, to which I appliqued a heart cut from a pair of thrifted heart-printed shorts. (Imagine my dismay when she put it on and it's ALMOST TOO SMALL. Stop growing, child.)

Kaboom's dress started with a thrifted size 3T (a little big, but anyway) striped turtleneck. I added the gathered skirty part from a different pair of thrifted heart shorts (why are those so popular?). The garment looked incomplete, so I opted to add the faux waistband, which is the hem from another small thrifted (and stained) turtleneck, which I cut off and sewed onto the dress. I like the crochet detail on the hem of the striped shirt, so I didn't want to cover that. I really loved the result!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new clothes for Sweet

I made these two outfits a few weeks ago because Sweet suddenly grew out of everything (and I mean EVERYthing). So I went into my stash of clothes-I-want-to-use-for-something and found this pair of pants I used to wear when I was a working (pre-babies). I love the somewhat sophisticated print, and the fact that they are polyester means they are indestructible--perfect for an active 4-year-old. I easily cut them down and created a pair of pants for Sweet, and then used some of the leftover to embellish one of her plain hand-me-down shirts. Easy. Quick.

This outfit was made entirely out of donations from my mom, who is the thrift queen (no joke). She brings me loads of really fun clothes ready for upcycling. This pair of pants came from an adult-sized pair of velour track pants (really?? yes...) and the shirt was originally just an adult-sized shirt of oh-so-plain styling. i swapped the neck with some of the velour and added the velour heart to tie the pieces together, and I could not be happier with the result (and Sweet loves LOVES this outfit). It must be fun to be 4 years old and be able to get away with such outrageous combinations of prints, eh??