Saturday, April 9, 2011

baby shower gift: leg warmers, appliqued onesie, & hair poof

I have been so busy sewing Easter dresses that I barely managed to squeeze in time for a baby shower gift before the party last Saturday. But I made it! The "C" onesie...I still had 2 plain white onesies left from some I had prewashed a few months ago. The purple fabric came from a [terribly hideous] gradient-dyed, pilled, stretched, cheapcheapcheap Juniors t-shirt. I cut the "C" from the weird puffy design around the neckline. When my [wonderful] mom brought me this thrifted shirt, I seriously considered tossing it altogether because I could not imagine how I could possibly use it. But use it I did, and I think it turned out pretty cute! In fact, it kind of bailed me out. Anyway, I also bought these two pairs of knee socks at Walmart for $2 each, and used this tutorial (sort of) to make leg warmers, switching the cuffs to spice it up a bit. Then I made a little poof out of a skinny strip of tulle by gathering it around and hand-sewing it to a piece of elastic. I did end up hot-glueing a piece of felt on the back side, just to finish it off a little better and to make sure it would be comfy for baby Claire. I was very pleased, in the end!

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  1. So fun! The leg warmers are a great idea. I like that you switched the cuffs.