Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realized that I hadn't made anything for the kiddos from a flat piece of fabric in a long time (I think it was last Easter, actually). Last year, I mishmashed lots (and lots) of tutorials read over the course of a couple of weeks to create the pattern for each of the girls' dresses. I liked that their dresses were the same fabric, but different patterns, so they were matchy matchy without looking uniform. This year, however, I did not spend that kind of time trying to do everything truly from scratch. While I did make my own pattern, I followed an amazing tutorial/sew-along, and I made both dresses identical, enabling a bit of an assembly line approach (much needed, being that my time and my brainspace both feel significantly more limited these days). I was intensely careful and detailed with my work this time, too, and I am happy to say that I am as proud of the inside of these dresses as I am of the outside. I finished all my seams with my awesome serger, and I picked out every seam that didn't come out looking [nearly] perfect. I loved doing a puffy sleeve for the first time, AND making/using bias tape for the first time. At the end, I decided to add the bows (which I safety pinned on so I can remove for washing). All in all, I was a proud mommy seeing my girls march along in their matching dresses (which they LOVED). Oh, and did I mention that a friend of mine GAVE me this fabric?!? Yeah, she did, and it is oh-so-perfectly Easter.

Once I finished the dresses, it was on to my little man. No pink for him. I could not even think of using either of the fabrics to make even a tie. So I went shopping, and found the perfect onesie in the perfect shade of green, and I had a most-perfect accent fabric in my closet, from which I created a tie applique. I wanted linen pants, but didn't have enough linen in the closet to work it (just one small shirt to use), so I used an old dress of mine that was linen-like, and I cut and sewed his pants out of that. (Please forgive the crummy phone picture.)

He was thrilled (haha)...

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