Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cold summer day sewing fix - baby tee shirt to dress

I've been feeling rather emotional lately, and I really wanted to start and complete something this morning [for therapy]. Boo doesn't have much in the way of summer clothes. For playing, she has just a few short-sleeved shirts, two pairs of capri pants, two play dresses, and a couple of dressy dresses. The weather has been up and down, and we don't go out and about a lot, so it hasn't been a big deal at all (incidentally, a friend has promised me some hand-me-downs; we just haven't had a chance to connect on that yet).

I mentioned before that she's been potty learning, and Boo has subsequently been running around in tees and undies almost every day. Of course, dresses are ideal for this, but she has more tees than dresses...

All of this lead me to this little project. I had an Adult Medium purple tee in my stash of things-I-should-reconstruct, so I just hacked off the bottom, gathered it, and sewed it to the hem of one of her cutesy little summer shirts. Not satisfied that the design was coherent, I made a little rosette (first time for that!) and attached it to the seam. She was genuinely thrilled, prancing around in her "new" dress, and I was satisfied to A)have created something, and B)see Boo in a dress instead of looking half-naked in just a tee. It was a real win-win. And besides, who doesn't love a little girl in a summer dress??